Sierra de Cazorla – Olizumo


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Variety: Picual

Extra Virgin Olive Oil OLIZUMO of early harvest

Our olive trees grow in a Natural park where the soil is very rich in nutrients. Where we select very carefully our best olives before recollection and production. Once selected, we recollect them in the perfect maturation moment for production, to get the desired features for our oil and perfect quality on the palate. The final outcome of this process provides a complex flavour, full of floral notes and freshness.

Capacity: 250, 500 y 750 ml

Olizumo Temprano

The Oils of early harvest are made when the olives have not yet matured and still have their green color. When the olives are pressed before they reach the optimum point of maturation, their yield is lower, so they produce less oil, but of much more quality, their polyphenol content is higher. As a result, its flavor will have more spicy connotations and a slight bitter aftertaste, characteristic of early harvest oils. In its flavor highlights notes of grass, green leaves, spicy and astringent. Thanks to the high content of polyphenols, these oils will have a longer shelf life, as will their benefits on our health.

Awards obtained:

Gold Medal en Los Angeles County Olive Oil Competition 2015

Bronze Medal en Los Angeles County Olive Oil Competition 2015, packaging Tradicional

Gold Medal, Japan Olive Oil Competition 2015

Silver Medal, China Olive Oil Competition 2015

The best selection of 100% picual olives to get a balanced oil with notes of tomato, almonds and green banana.