Types of oil and production process


Our olive trees grow in a Natural park where the soil is very rich in nutrients. Where we select very carefully our best olives before recollection and production. Once selected, we recollect them in the perfect maturation moment for production, to get the desired features for our oil and perfect quality on the palate. The final outcome of this process provides a complex flavour, full of floral notes and freshness

Cold production

Our cold press starts right after the olives have been recollected and cleansed, to ensure the oil obtained retains all health benefits.

Picual olive is present in all our oils, because the poliphenols content in this olive type is superior from the rest of the olives. Poliphelolic content is only a minor fraction of the olive oil, but provides the most of its good properties for health.

The beneficial impact of Extra Virgin olive Oil in illnesses like hypertension, high blood pressure, cholesterol, certain types of cancer, diabetes and arthritis among others has been widely researched and documented, these being the results open to public access.


Health benefits of olive oil are well-known in the world today. Many studies prove Extra Virgin Olive Oil advantages over any other oil type.

High monounsaturated fat percentage of Extra Virgin Olive Oil make it an exceptional healthy option to control heart disease and blood circulation problems.

Also, its high content in antioxidants of Picual Olive protect against cell oxidation damage and ageing process.

The production process

The main difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other types of oil ( seeds oil, Pomace, pure olive oil…)is the cold press extraction process, a pure physical mechanism where the oil is extracted without modifying any of its properties, just by pressing the olives, making it an olive juice

No increase in the temperature, or chemicals are involved in the pressing process which maintain its quality intact.

Cholesterol decrease

It has a clear influence in the decrease of bad Cholesterol (LDL) and as a consequence in other illnesses such as Arterioscleroses, as has been widely proven because of the high monounsaturated fats content.

Moreso, it also has a positive impact in other diseases like colon and breast cancer, it reduces glycemic index for diabetes, improves calcium absorption in the bones, it helps prevents osteoporosis, decreases risk of gastric ulcer and hypertension.

Other facts about Extra Virgin olive oil

It is the easiest oil to digest because it favours gastric absorption and bowel transit

Improves the absorption vitamins and minerals during digestion

It has a high content in oleocanthal a natural anti-inflammatory similar to ibuprofen but with no secondary effects

Against popular belief it is the best option to fry, thanks to its high antioxidants content and to its low transfer rate to the ingredients fried